This is how the test day of this Ferrari SF90 Stradale ended

It is possible that Ferrari you are already working on a new version of your SF90 Stradale, the 1,000 horsepower plug-in hybrid machine, or simply use the platform of this car to develop new technology. We do not have the solution to this approach right now, but what we do have certainty is that the tests carried out by the Italian brand have not had the desired end and the best evidence is with the rugged specimen in German territory during the past week.


Our doubts about the type of tests that Ferrari was conducting have their origin in the camouflage exhibited by the rugged test unit. Wearing a disguise of this type is usually common when the car has not been presented, but in this case the same is not the case since the SF90 Stradale was released two years ago. This leads us to wonder if in reality the vehicle we have in images corresponds to a new version whose arrival date would correspond to next year, or is it simply novel technology that we will see in the months to come.

Whatever the reason that led Ferrari to camouflage this car, the fact is that the test driver was not able to finish the test day as he would have liked. We do not know the reason, although everything indicates that the person at the controls of this Italian machine lost control over it and ended up hitting the side guards of a road near Hoffenheim, Germany. The accident took place a short distance from the Formula 1 track and most important of all, the driver was not seriously injured, but the SF90 Stradale cannot say the same.

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The fire went into action

Thanks to a video published by Einsatz-Report24 we get an idea of ​​what happened and we can appreciate in greater detail the level of damage to the hypercar plug-in hybrid. The blow had to be very strong since the front of the Ferrari is totally destroyed and you can even see the structure in charge of absorbing impacts. Obviously, the car is sinister, more so when the accident also caused a fire in the battery of the hybrid system, which required the intervention of the Hoffenheim fire brigade, who doused the flames without problems.

The police have launched an investigation into the causes of an accident that has left us more doubts than certainty about the intentions of the Italian firm. We will be attentive to any possible news that may arise in this regard. Who knows, would Ferrari be testing the Purosangue’s electrified powertrain?

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