This is how the NFL playoffs would be played at the moment, Week 16

The regular season of the nfl enters its final stretch and increasingly becomes red hot.

It’s time to take a look and get out the calculator to find out what the playoff spots would look like. and what would be the crossings up to this moment of each Conference.

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The buffalo bills (12-3) remain the No. 1 seed in the american conference and they would not see action during the Wild Card Roundsame case as Philadelphia Eagles (13-2) who establish themselves at the top of the National Conferencewith two weeks to go.

How are things going in the AFC?

In the Americana, the Bills (No. 1, 12-3) are already AFC East championswhile the Kansas City Chiefs (N° 2, 12-3) did the same in the AFC West.

For their part, the cincinnati bengals (N° 3, 11-4) remain in the lead of the AFC Northbut nothing is written yet because they are one triumph away from the Ravens (10-5) and in the AFC South the key is also kept open, but until this week the Jacksonville Jaguars (7-8) march on top.

How are things going in the NFC?

In the National, Philadelphia Eagles (N° 1, 13-2) remains at the top of the NFC Eastbut there are still mathematical possibilities for the dallas cowboys that march with mark 11-4; on the other hand the Minnesota Vikings (N° 2, 12-3) they already tied the NFC North.

While the san francisco 49ers (N° 3, 11-4) already have assured the NFC West; lastly, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (N° 4, 7-8) remain momentarily at the top of the NFC Southbut next week’s game against the Carolina Panthers (6-9), who are their direct rivals and are barely one win away.

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Wild Card Games

When it comes to the wild card round, the places in the AFC they are occupied by Baltimore Ravens (No. 5, 10-5), Los Angeles Chargers (N° 6, 9-6) and the Miami Dolphins (No. 7, 8-7).

Of the nfc the quotas for WildCards are in the power of dallas cowboys (No. 5, 11-4), new york giants (No. 6, 8-6-1) and Washington Commanders (No. 7, 7-7-1), curiously all from the NFC East.

So this is how the Wild Card Round games would look:

american conference | I would rest Bills

dolphins (No. 7) vs. Chiefs (No. 2)

chargers (No. 6) vs. Bengals (No. 3)

Ravens (No. 5) vs. Jaguars (No. 4)

National Conference | I would rest Eagles

Commanders (No. 7) vs. Vikings (No. 2)

Giants (No. 6) vs. 49ers (No. 3)

Cowboys (No. 5) vs. Buccaneers (No. 4)

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