This is how ‘The Arena of the future’ works with which you can charge your car while you drive

The gasoline continues to set record prices for the second consecutive week, after selling last week at an average price of 1,917 euros per liter, while diesel is getting closer to its record. Behind these rises finds mainly the rise in oil prices.

To cushion the impact that the rise in gasoline and diesel prices is having on citizens, The Government will extend for three months the bonus 20 cents per litervalid initially until June 30.

One of the alternatives to the rise in fuel are electric cars. In Italy, a group of engineers has developed ‘The Arena of the Future’, a technology that allows vehicles to recharge their batteries while driving on the road. A team from Antena 3 Noticias has traveled there to check how it works.

It is a mechanism that allows electric cars to charge their battery while driving on asphalt. All you need is electricity, which can come from solar panels. There are no broadcasts, but neither is cable, which is a plus for independence.

If we drive a car at 80 kilometers per hour, the vehicle is charging more than it is discharging and could be driving nonstop. In the tests that have been done, the cars have not only not used up the battery, but have been recharging it as they drove along the asphalt. This would allow long journeys without the need to stop to load and, obviously, without polluting. It is an initiative to reduce a third of the emissions that transport releases on the environment.

How much does it cost to fill a deposit?

At current prices, fill a Deposit average of 55 liters with gasoline currently exceeds 105 euros, while with diesel it stands at 99 euros, which means paying about 24 euros more than at the beginning of 2022 if gasoline is used, and 25 euros if diesel is chosen. However, thanks to the Government bonus, consumers save about 11 euros when filling a tank of this type, whether they use gasoline or choose diesel.

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