This is how the actors of the first generation of ‘Skins’ have changed, the series that changed adolescent dramas forever

British fiction was very controversial at the time, but without it there would have been no ‘Euphoria’ or ‘Elite’.

Skins It was one of the best things that could have happened to teen dramas for television. The fiction, created by Bryan Elsley and Jamie Brittain, premiered on the British channel E4 in 2007 and was a revolution in the genre. From the first episode he dealt with controversial issues that, until then, had not been brought to the field of the youngest. Mental health, substance abuse, harassment or sexuality starred in the episodes of the series and that was what made it a milestone.

Since its premiere, it has garnered much acclaim for its depiction of the issues facing young Britons. In addition to being revolutionary in her approach to adolescence, she was also one of the first series to feature a diverse main cast and to include LGBT+ characters. These factors contributed to its success and to building a loyal fan base that continued to watch it year after year and generation after generation.

The series was renewed every two years, introducing a new main cast each time. This technique that he now uses Elite was another novelty introduced by Skins and it gave fans the opportunity to fall in love with new characters from time to time -also, of course, to say goodbye to their favorites-. Although the possibility of a film spin-off was discussed, a seventh and final season was eventually broadcast in 2013. There was also an American adaptation of the series, which was canceled after one season due to low viewership.

Skins It came when there were no international streaming platforms and, even so, it had an impact on viewers around the world. Surely if it had been released in a context like the one we live in now we would be talking about one of the most watched fictions in history. In any case, it is never a bad time to remember the British series. That’s why we look back to remember what happened to its original cast.

Nicholas Hoult, Kaya Scodelario, Dev Patel and Joseph Dempsie have filled their careers with film and television successes and they all started in the youth ranks of Skins. They were the first to dare to show the sexuality of a group of teenagers from Bristol and, 15 years later, that’s how they have changed.

Nicholas Hoult (Tony)

Channel 4 / IG

Nicholas Hoult is one of those who has had a more relevant career, although he was already aiming for it before becoming Tony Stonem. After the series, he has participated in the X-Men saga as Beast, in Mad Max: Fury Road and, recently, in The Menu, one of the 2022 films.

Kaya Scodelario (Effy)

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Kaya Scodelario has also had a very successful career after being Effy. Among other things, she has starred in the saga of The Maze Runner and has been Carina Smyth in Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hannah Murray (Cassie)

Channel 4 / IG

The candid Cassie was played by Hannah Murray, an actress whom we have been able to see in Game of Thrones. It is common to see her at her fan conventions for her work on Gilly in the HBO series.

Joseph Dempsie (Chris)

Channel 4 / IG

One of the most beloved characters of the first generation was the one played by Joseph Dempsie. And that hasn’t changed in his subsequent roles. The actor has brought his charisma to Gendry in Game of Thrones -another, along with Murray, from the Westeros team-.

Mike Bailey (Sid)

Channel 4

Mike Bailey gave life to Sid, who generated tenderness and disgust in equal parts -isn’t this the best summary of adolescence?-. Bailey has since retired from acting and become a teacher, which is curious considering his character was a grim student. In recent years accusations of sexual harassment have fallen on him, but he has not spoken out and there has been no progress in this regard.

Dev Patel (Anwar)

Channel 4 / Amazon

Another who enjoys a successful acting career is Dev Patel. In fact, he is surely remembered more for Slumdog Millionaire than for being part of the cast of Skins. He has also participated in The Exotic Marigold Hotel, Lion and The Green Knight.

April Pearson (Michelle)

Channel 4 / IG

April Pearson was Michelle in Skins, who was stuck in a toxic relationship with Tony. Her career as an actress has continued in series like Casualty, in independent films and in plays.

Larissa Wilson (Jal)

Channel 4 / IG

The highlight role of Larissa Wilson’s career remains Skins. Although she has participated in other series in the past decade, there is nothing especially relevant. She is now focused on mental health and female empowerment.

Mitch Hewer (Maxxie)

Channel 4 / IG

Mitch Hewer, the unforgettable Maxxie, has had several leading roles since Skins. He starred in Britannia High and was in Casualty, but little else. Of course, according to his Instagram account, he enjoys travel and adventure in a big way.

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