This is how Octavio Ocaña’s apartment was when he gave life to ‘Benito’ in ‘Neighbors’

The actor Octavio Ocana, who died on October 29 in Cuautitlán Izcalli, in the State of Mexico, rose to fame, in 2005, thanks to his role as ‘Benito Rivers’ in the comedy series ‘Neighbors’, where he had as parents ‘Frankie Rivers’ (César Bono) and ‘Lorena Ruiz’ (Ana Bertha Espín).

Together with them he lived, for 10 seasons, in apartment 101, where he used to be visited by his best friends, such as ‘Germán’ (Eduardo España), ‘Pedro’ (Pablo Valentín), ‘Jorjais’ (Manuel Ibáñez) and his girlfriend, ‘Liz’ (Talitha becker).

Octavio was only absent in the fourth season, as he decided to focus on his studies and his career as a footballer.

The apartment he inhabited, as we have seen in various chapters, has a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a bathroom and apparently two bedrooms, the latter being the only rooms that have never been shown.

Kitchen room

The kitchen, which is where ‘Lorena’ usually prepares delicious meatloaf, is open and not very spacious. It is equipped with chocolate-colored cabinets, with shelves, with stainless steel appliances and a bar that serves as a breakfast bar, as it is equipped with two periquera-style chairs.

Dining room

Its dining room is composed of a round table with space for four red chairs, although the ‘Rivers’ have managed to seat more guests.

Living room

The living room is made up of brightly colored sofas, a chocolate-toned bookcase that is used by the ‘Rivers’ to place some books, photos and even plants. They also have some pictures with family photos hanging on the wall and more plants.


The office of the great ‘Frankie Rivers’, which is where he usually invokes his inspiring muse to create the scripts for his next films, is located right next to the access door and has a desk, a director’s chair and a typewriter.

The room is completed by posters with which the creator of ‘La Toalla del Mojado’ recalls some of the successes of Mexican cinema.

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