This is how God of War: Ragnarok looks compared on PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro

God of War: Ragnarok arrive on PS5 and PS4 next week, but today the first analyzes have been published and, along with them, also the first graphic and performance comparisons. The youtuber The Bits Analyst has already released his video in which he compares the new game in the saga God of War in their past and new generation versionsas well as in its multiple graphic modes.

Below you can see the comparative of the sequel to God of War on PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro:

Technical and graphic comparison of the new God of War

God of War: Ragnarok have two graphics modes on PS4 Pro and PS5, while on the standard PS4 it only has one. The difference between Performance and Resolution modes seem priceless on the new generation console, so it is recommended to play with the first one. In PS4 Pro Performance mode, 60 fps is not maintained, but works at around 50 fps, while on PS5 you can play at 120 hz if we activate VRR.

Capture of God of War: Ragnarok.

The conclusion that this youtuber take out after compare God of War: Ragnarok on both consoles is that the game demonstrates “work visually and performance flawless“and that in any of the three it is a good platform in which to play it, especially considering that the development was carried out with PS4 as a base, so the differences with PS5 are minor of views in other intergenerational games like Horizon Forbidden West.

In Vandal We have also been able to test God of War: Ragnarok to tell you in our review that “it may no longer have the impact of its predecessor, but it is the perfect example that it is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel and that, sometimes, it is enough to polish and improve what already seemed unbeatable to make history again and leave an indelible mark on an industry that, with titles like this, reminds us why we keep playing. simply essential“.

God of War: Ragnarok will launch the November 9 on PS5 and PS4.

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