this horror game is based on an urban legend and will come to PlayStation and Xbox


Asian survival horror with a high school girl, what could go wrong?

Horror lovers are recently in luck after announcing that, with just a few months apart, they will soon be able to enjoy such interesting proposals as The Callisto Protocol, the Resident Evil 4 remke or the Dead Space remake. That’s not all, because this summer, console players will receive a popular horror game that until now was only available on PC: DreadOut 2.

It’s about a third person horror indie gamebased on an Indonesian urban legend and starring Linda Meillinda, a young high school student with the ability to see ghosts. It’s a servile horror that blends action and ghost hunting with “a hint of silly high school trouble, satirical social commentary, and sticky memorable moments,” its Steam listing explains.

DreadOut 2: This horror game is based on an urban legend and will come to PlayStation and Xbox

Dreadout 2 has received very positive reviews since its release on PC in 2020

Dreadout 2 is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Seres X|S consoles next July 15while PS4 and PS5 users will have to wait a little longer, until the July 20th. Take a look at his proposal horror and survival in the recently released announcement trailer for the console versions.

As we can see, Dreadout 2 has more than enough of a gloomy atmosphere of terror and gore and promises to be a challenging experience thanks to that hand-to-hand combat and the use of the mobile camera to hunt ghosts. Console gamers will be able to check it out this summer.

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upcoming horror games

In recent weeks we have been able to learn of the existence of other horror games that are being developed at the moment, such as Overdose, the famous horror game in which Hideo Kojima would be working. At the moment there is nothing clear about this project, but it could be that game that the Japanese creative is working on together with Microsoft for Xbox and PC.

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