This God of War Ragnarok Hack Makes One of the Hardest Battles in the Game Easier

God of War Ragnarok has been one of the best games

This God of War Ragnarok Hack Makes One of the Hardest Battles in the Game Easier
God of War Ragnarok’s variety of enemies allows you to explore many new forms of combat

Despite the change in mechanics compared to the original deliveries, it should be noted that God of War Ragnarok has managed to maintain a fairly decent level of difficultyso that players who want to complete the game 100% with the mission Beyond Ragnarok will have to cope with all the side challenges of the gamegiving rise to that we have to face some of the most complicated bosses of the same, even beating the final boss of the Santa Monica Studio title.

In this way, and knowing that at the moment we have not seen any mod of the game like the one of God of War of 2018 that changes Kratos and Baldur for Mbappé and Messi, it should be noted that players will have some bosses as their favoriteswhile many others are not at all because, said directly, they touch our noses too much, this being the case of Ormstunga.

Ormstunga is one of the most difficult bosses we have faced in God of War Ragnarok

Under this same premise, it must be said that Ormstunga is the boss we will face in favor of The Lost Treasure in the kingdom of the dwarves, while this is characterized by agile and lethal movements especially due to the fact that he is able to jump and attack Kratos from the air falling on him, which comes from the fact that even with the spartan at his maximum level it may take more than one try to kill him

In this way, the Reddit user known as MrWosabi has shared a clip showing how to stun Ormstungathereby giving rise to the Draupnir spear, the weapon that we obtain in this game, be the key to end itbeing necessary that we knock it down and then use the ability known as Impaling Thrust, which, if we time it well, we can make it not attack at any time.

For the rest, it only remains to note that God of War Ragnarok has been on the market since November 9 for PS4 and PS5being that the title has become a worldwide success with 5 million copies sold in its first days at the same time that it has been the game that has been closest to winning the 2022 GOTY.

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