This Elden Ring mod will allow you to play cooperatively without the limits of the original game

Although the original version of Elden Ring have cooperative modethe truth is that -like the rest of FromSoftware games- it is a very limited choice: Restricts certain actions of the invited player, colors everyone except the host an unsightly yellowish color, and allows strangers to invade our server to fight the party. There are people who like this type of multiplayer, but others consider that Hidetaka Miyazaki’s new title a real cooperative would suit him fabledwithout the limitations that we mentioned, and have been put to work in a mod to make it come true on PC.

Elden Ring Seamless Coop is a mod in development by LukeYui. This person has posted a video on YouTube showing some of the main features of this tool: we can play Elden Ring in cooperative with up to three other players and there won’t be the limitations of the original game, so everyone can use Torrentera, rewards will be shared between the components of the group and it will not be necessary to summon again that person who dies during the game. In addition, there will be no invasionsalthough there is a PvP mode (player against player) that can be activated and deactivated if we want to fight among the group of allies.

You can try it for free this week

The mod not available yet, but will be released for free on NexusMod. Soon there will be a public test that anyone will be able to access: the may 27th and it will be the first time that this curious tool is put into practice. LukeYui warns that this mod does not break the FromSoftware rules, so they can not ban us if we use it. In addition, it does not use the servers matchmaking of the company, and precisely for this reason he is free from expulsions.

With or without modsthe truth is Elden Ring It is one of the most recommended games so far this year. In our analysis we define it as “a colossal and unthinkable work that never stops giving us new surprises with every step we take and that has arrived to become an instant classic, forever changing the paradigm of what it means to live a great open world adventure”. If you are exploring the Middle Landseither alone or in company, we recommend you carry our guide in your backpack so you don’t miss a single detail or secret.

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