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We have received some curious information related to a prominent Nintendo franchise. In this case we are talking about Pokemon.

Throughout the games and seasons of the Pokémon anime, we have been able to observe lots of theories, some of these very dark. Next we explain the theory that implies the death of a raticate in the original titles:

In all Pokémon titles, The trainer who acts as our rival has an established Pokémon team which can vary as we progress through the story. Normally their Pokémon tend to evolve or they can also incorporate new ones.

But this works differently in the original games, where one of the opponent’s team’s Pokémon disappears. This event occurs after fighting in one of the most prominent locations of the title, the SS Anne.

In the combat that takes place in this location, the opposing team will have a Raticate among its members. But this one will be gone once he defies us in the Pokemon tower.

This has been the evolution of the Pokémon Tower since its concept art in 1990 - Nintenderos - Nintendo Switch, Switch Lite

This strange disappearance has resulted in theories that claim that Raticate could have died and been buried in the Pokémon Tower, a place that serves as a Pokémon graveyard. In addition, according to some fans, this fact would explain the real reason why this place is visited in the history of the title.

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