This Amethyst Desk Chair Is Worth Over $3,000 And Looks Like The Most Awkward Thing In The World

It will look spectacular in your setup, but you may need to go to the ER every time you sit down.

This Amethyst Desk Chair Is Worth Over $3,000 And Looks Like The Most Awkward Thing In The World

This is the amethyst chair that will not leave anyone indifferent. Twitter

Nothing that you like to immerse yourself in social networks and you are passionate about technology, you will have seen thousands of desktops and setup with bright colours, state-of-the-art equipment or accessories to personalize the work and leisure space. The use of RGB lights to provide a different atmosphere for each moment in your room, for example, attracts a lot of attention, but we are convinced that no one could have the product you will see below like chair.

Honda has launched a wheelchair that looks like something out of a science fiction movie

It is beautiful, expensive and not very functional, but it is going viral on social networks

A Japanese company called Factory-M, published a long time ago the tweet that we show you under these lines, and that they have anchored in their profile, where they show one of their creations. Have you ever thought that a mineral could be turned into a chair? Perhaps we are dealing with a work of art that is only acquired for generate admiration of all who see it or it could be that the next season of The House of the Dragon leaves the particular iron throne for a throne of amethyst. Both of them would be uncomfortable, and perhaps also responsible for the death of another king. Pretty? That is a matter of taste.

This partalmost, of museum It is a creation that, although it may not seem like it, is found for sale for a price of €3,178, and as published by the digital media Techeblog. own company comments on his Twitter account: ‘We’ve made an amethyst chair that you can actually sit on, so please check it out. It’s been two days since I posted, and I’m amazed at the number of likes and retweets. I enjoy reading everyone’s reactions and impressions☺️✨ Thanks for watching.’

It seems that the story begins when the founder of the company, Koichi HasegawaI travel to USA on vacation Y observed a giant amethyst in a store, which seemed to him to have the shape of a chair. Said and done, from his mind to the final product, with the recommendation for future buyers of Polish those edges on which it is going to lean, since they can be dangerous. This kind of amethysts can be found in countries like Uruguay, Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil and in the Far East. You can take a look at their website, since in addition to this curious chair, the company is an expert in working with all kinds of minerals.

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