They uncover why Martino sold Mexico vs Argentina, he had everything planned

Gerardo Martino and Mexico vs Argentina
Gerardo Martino and Mexico vs Argentina

The Qatar 2022 World Cup will undoubtedly remain in the history books of Mexican soccer as one of the great failures of the Tri in the modern era of the World Cups, as Mexico broke its streak of always overcoming the group stage that it had had since 1978.

Without a doubt, the main person responsible for the catastrophe of the Mexican team in Qatar was Gerardo Tata Martino who, based on bad decisions in the last 2 years, took El Tri on a trip to the world cup and they returned after 3 games.

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Tata Martino will be remembered by the Mexican fans for having completely sold out the Tri vs. Argentina, since his unusual approach led to the defeat of Mexico vs. Argentina and later their elimination from the World Cup.

Martino had everything planned.

Weeks after Martino destroyed the Mexican team, everything indicates that the Argentine coach I had everything planned Well, as soon as Mexico was eliminated, he ended his cycle in El Tri on his own “because he knew that nothing would happen if Mexico failed in the World Cup, in the same way he would have job offers and the first one has already come out, since he is considered to return to lead the Paraguayan team, regardless of what he did with Mexico.

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