They pay a fortune for a VIP box in Qatar and end up watching the game on TV

Photo: TikTok video capture vía @adricontreras4

The Spanish influencer Adri Contreras is at the Qatar 2022 World Cup and from there he showed what a VIP box was like at the Al-Thumana Stadium where he went to watch the match between Belgium and Morocco.

In the recording, he said that he paid $10,000 euros, about $198,627 Mexican pesos, for one called Skybox and showed that they had a private living room, where they have food, and showed at least six dishes.

He also exposed a screen that was broadcasting the game and the area towards the court from where they could also watch the game.

Something striking is that it showed a small bar where there were several alcoholic beverages, a very good benefit because the sale of beer is not allowed for fans in general areas.

Adri Contreras boasted another of the benefits: “in this room you don’t hear the ambient noise of the game, so you can be calm”and to verify that it was true, he went to the area of ​​​​the stands where there was only one person watching the game.

Also, something very curious was that he mentioned: “You can also watch the game here, if you want, but it doesn’t make any sense,” and added, already inside the room: “You can do like us, watch it here while we eat.”

The video generated several criticisms: “it doesn’t make sense not to listen to the atmosphere of the stadium, it loses all the essence”, “it says that it doesn’t make sense to watch the game from the outside! It wouldn’t make sense to be in the stadium and watch the game on television”, “boy, how are you going to say that it doesn’t make sense to watch the game outside”, “how cool, pay 10 thousand euros to enter a room and see the I play for free”, “the same as being at home eating and watching the game”, “I had the stadium right in front of me and I watched it on TV”, “it doesn’t make sense to watch the game from outside, but from the television in the same stadium, ha ha ha ha.”


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