They pay $ 12 thousand to enter the DR

The trafficking of women, many of them pregnant, as well as minors of Haitian nationality to the Dominican Republic through the northern border, continues to increase, but the military stationed in the area continues to fight to stop this worrying phenomenon.

However, these immigrants, upon arriving in the country irregularly, face serious difficulties, due to the drastic actions carried out by the Fourth Brigade of the Dominican Republic Army, based in Mao, led by Colonel Germán Rosario Pérez.

The gangs that operate on the Haitian border and that are dedicated to the trafficking of illegal Haitians, known in their country as “potas or potiás), have decided to recruit women and minors to be more profitable.

Costs vary
If the woman is pregnant, human traffickers who operate on the Haitian border charge the equivalent of 15 thousand gourdes (Haitian currency), which at the exchange of the Dominican peso, represents 12 thousand pesos ”, denounced Johanny Alexis, an immigrant returned from Dominican Republic to his country along with other of his compatriots.

However, other women reported that if they enter with children, traffickers of undocumented persons apply higher rates

“It is true that the traffickers in Haiti rape us, beat us and commit many abuses against us women,” complained Karina Venzan Pierre, a pregnant woman who tried to enter the country irregularly with two of her children. an eight-year-old female and a five-year-old male. Traffickers of undocumented Haitians to the Dominican Republic have a new modality that consists of trafficking women, many of them pregnant, children and minors

On Saturday 4 of this month, members of the Fourth Infantry Brigade of the Dominican Republic Army arrested 39 women, some of them pregnant, and 59 men of Haitian nationality who crossed into the country irregularly.

The undocumented foreigners were arrested by members of the Tenth Army Battalion based in Dajabón in operations carried out in the Cañongo and Carbonera communities, in the border provinces of Dajabón and Monte Cristi.

With these actions, the number of undocumented persons detained from September to December 2, after crossing the border illegally, rises to 16,000.

Colonel Rosario Pérez informed Listín Diario that the arrested immigrants were handed over to the Migration Office for the corresponding purposes.

He stressed that the actions are carried out in accordance with the instructions of Major General Julio Ernesto Florián Pérez, Army Commander General, and Lieutenant General Carlos Luciano Díaz Morfa, Minister of Defense.

Likewise, he reported that these operational tasks seek to control illegal migration to maintain the security of his area of ​​responsibility and the country.


The Dominican Army reported that four days ago, 83 illegal Haitians, 27 minors, 26 women and 30 men were detained in the Gozuela community, Monte Cristi province.

Also, in operations in coordination with Migration last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, in the municipalities of Monción, Las Matas de Santa Cruz, Loma de Cabrera and the municipal district of Santa María, 616 Haitians were detained in irregular immigration status, of which 540 are men and 76 women.

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