They find the gagged body of a woman at her residence in Vieques

The gagged body of a woman was found in a state of decomposition on Sunday afternoon in the back of her residence in the Puerto Real neighborhood of Vieques, police said.

“She had a partner, this person the Police are looking for to be able to interview her because, at the moment, she is a suspect in this death”said Axel Valencia, spokesman for the Uniformed, who did not identify the man.

“Apparently, she had been (dead) for more than a day because of the strong smell and her body was decomposing,” he added.

The body of the woman, who has not been identified, was found by a relative at about 5:55 p.m. Sunday.

Valencia mentioned that it is not ruled out, at the moment, that this is a case of gender violence.

Agent Jorge Encarnación, assigned to the Homicide Division of the Fajardo Criminal Investigation Corps, was in charge of the investigation, together with prosecutor Karen Calo Pérez, who ordered the removal of the body and transfer to the Institute of Forensic Sciences.


If you are a victim of gender-based violence or observe that someone else shows signs of abuse, you can seek help by contacting the Police Domestic Violence Division at 787-792-6734 or 787-782-1050, ext. 1018. You can also call the confidential line 787-343-2020 to report all types of crime. The confidential line for the Women’s Ombudsman’s Office is 787-722-2977.

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