They find the body of the missing Cuban who went to test a boat in Miami Bay – Telemundo Miami (51)

The authorities have confirmed the discovery of the body of the man who would have disappeared since last Tuesday night when he left a marina in Miami Bay with the intention of testing a boat that he had allegedly sold.

After two full days of searching, they confirmed the appearance of the body of Renier Marino, who was being tirelessly searched by sea and by air, not only by various law enforcement agencies, but also by numerous friends and family who joined the rescue effort.

Officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) responded Tuesday night to an incident that occurred around 11 p.m. near the Julia Tuttle Viaduct, where a 32-foot boat was found that was towed from He returned to the marina, with no sign of his crew and with apparent blows to the front.

FWC Public Information Officer Ronald Washington said at the time that multiple units had joined the search for the adult man reported to be aboard the vessel.

Jeanet Pedrero, the missing man’s wife, said Reynier Marino, 36, was the owner of the boat they found and that he was allegedly driving it when he disappeared.

The tragedy in this family of Cuban origin apparently began around 7 pm on Tuesday when Marino took the boat he had sold and at the Pelican Harbor Marina threw it into the water to test it before handing it over to its new owner.

Reynier Marino is the owner of Hellkats Power Boats, a company dedicated to the repair and sale of boats.

The new owner of the boat began calling people he knew in common after Marino failed to show up at the marina. Several of the man’s friends immediately went out into the water to search for him and found the boat with damage to the front.

“Well, we are not here in the marina waiting to see if we go out in a boat to see if we find him,” said Julio Cesar Labrada, a worker for the missing man’s company in the first hours that the search was arranged. “Then they found the boat floating. The truth is I don’t know what happened, the truth is the master at that, he is the owner, he knows everything, he was the one who made that brand, imagine ”.

And he was referring to Hellkats Power Boats, a company that, due to its presence on social media, is dedicated to the repair and sale of speedboats of which Reynier Marino was the owner, as confirmed by his wife. Hence the man was well known in the South Florida boating community.


Family members said that the Cuban had a lot of experience in navigation, so they do not understand what could have happened.

“Imagine tremendous uncertainty, a person you know and the next day you wake up with news like this,” confessed Oscar, a friend of the man who was found dead this Friday. “We are hopeful that it will appear. Maybe he swam and is unconscious somewhere. Hope is the last thing you lose, “he remarked somewhat anguished.

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