They decide if the trial against Juanma López would be by jury

The beginning of the trial against Juan Manuel “Juanma” López Rivera Due to gender violence, she was delayed this morning in the Caguas Court while it is clarified if it will be by jury.

The former professional boxer’s defense also requested additional time to complete an evaluation with the trial discovery process.

When the case was called, lawyer Jaime Barceló stated that they had a controversy in relation to some photos and video, but the judge took the discussion in front of the stand.

Then, he gave a subsequent turn to other cases that he will attend in court so that the lawyers can discuss with López if the trial will be seen in front of a jury or if it will be by court of law.

Against López Rivera there are six charges of violation of article 3.1 (mistreatment) and one for article 3.3 (mistreatment by threat) of Law 54 on Domestic Violence.

The former boxer pleaded not guilty in October to all the charges brought by the alleged victim, Andrea Ojeda Cruz, who made his complaints public in September via Instagram.

At that time, Ojeda Cruz alleged that he had been the victim of a pattern of physical and emotional abuse by López Rivera. He presented images of some blows through various “stories”, which the ex-boxer allegedly gave him, causing him physical damage and bruising.

The defendant resigned, on October 5, from the preliminary hearing. At that time, the defense indicated that it would seek a diversion program for its client.

Lopez Rivera remains on conditional freedom since last September 23, after the judge Jorge Diaz Reverón lowered the bond imposed against him to $ 35,000, which he posted through a private surety. He is also under electronic supervision, with his father, Juan A. López Novena, as designated custodian.

This is not the first time that the former has faced complaints of gender violence. In 2015, his ex-partner Geraldine Crespo also pointed him out for violations of Law 54 on Domestic Violence, but she dropped the charges.

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