They criticize Toni Costa for kissing her daughter on the mouth: “That should not be done”

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- A photo posted by Tony Costa, in which he appears kissing his daughter on the mouth Alaia, stirred social networks causing strong criticism against him, as many considered it to be an improper act of a father with his daughter.

The above occurred after his ex-partner Adamari Lopez tested positive for covid-19, so the dancer has spent a lot of time with his little daughter, who recently managed to accumulate a million followers on his social networks.

So that Tony Costa He decided to celebrate Alaia’s achievement by announcing a dance reel with his daughter at the same time that he shared the controversial photograph that shows him crouched down kissing the minor on the mouth. “My princess, daddy loves you so much,” he wrote.

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In a matter of minutes, multiple criticisms rained down on him from Internet users outraged by his actions, as they argued that ‘this should not be done since there are limits that should not be crossed by sexuality’, others said that kisses on the mouth between parents and children they are normal, because they only denote pure love. There were also those who advised him to go to a psychologist.

“For some cultures it is normal, for others it is not. If the parents accept it, it is their decision,” explained another user. “It is not necessary to kiss her on the mouth. To show when you love her, it is obvious that she is your daughter and that she adores her”, “That is so ugly. Even if they love each other”, “What is this?, kissing her daughter on the mouth, she is a girl and weighing who knows who, well I say that it does not seem right to me, love is not shown by kissing children on the mouth”, some considered.

Until now, Costa has ignored the criticism of his social networks and has dedicated himself to enjoying moments with his little girl.

Toni Costa and Adamari Lopez They announced their breakup in May 2021, but both have managed to maintain a cordial relationship so as not to affect Alaia.

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