they could sanction Peru if they reacted when they threw away their paper in penalties

The Peruvian National Team fell a week ago against Australia for the playoffs heading to Qatar 2022, thus being eliminated from the World Cup. However, something that caught a lot of attention is that the Australian goalkeeper, Andrew Redmayne, grabbed Pedro Gallese’s notes and threw them off the field during the penalty shootoutso many wondered why our goalkeeper did not react and here we tell you the reason.

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As everyone remembers, at the decisive moment of the game the national goalkeeper had a piece of paper with the names of the opposing pitchers and which side they were likely to kick. However, Gallese was left without this help when Redmayne stripped him of his blade and some believe that for that reason we lost and even they criticized the ‘Octopus’ for not having faced the Australian.

The reality is that everything has a reason, and this was reported by the journalist Gustavo Peralta through ESPN. “Using paper with help in penalties is prohibited by FIFA. If the referee detected it because of Gallese’s complaint, he surely could have made a decision that would have affected Peru at that time”, he explained.

Exact moment in which Redmayne throws the role of Gallese.

That is to say, if the goalkeeper of the Peruvian National Team attacked Redmayne and he complained to the referee, and the referee discovered the content of the notes, he could have triggered a heavy sanction against the national team that, until then, did not He knew whether or not he would qualify for Qatar 2022.

The truth is that we will never know what would have happened if Pedro Gallese kept his role in the remaining penalties, but even so, Peru did not play a good game and cost us the long-awaited qualification for the World Cup. Now ‘La Blanquirroja’ must prepare for the next international event and for this they have to ensure the permanence of Ricardo Gareca.

Peru and its next match

The Peruvian National Team will have a friendly duel against Mexico in the United States. This match will be in September.

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