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An entry in a personal blog on the site Hatelabo It became viral in the comment forums in Japan, as it assured that the transmissions of video games from Virtual YouTubers and streamers in general affect the distribution of video games whose strong point is their stories, since they make them known to their viewers.


«I’ve never had any interest in watching gameplays (that is, I’m the type of person who gets easily bored watching people play), I just enjoy playing video games myself! I used to be one of those people, but then a friend recommended the topic to me and I started watching a bit of everything from Virtual YouTubers to regular live streamers. That was a year and a half ago. Turns out, the number of full-price video games I’ve bought has dropped alarmingly».

«There are about ten video games that I have wanted to buy but have decided not to because I already saw someone else playing them. Most of these video games base their value on the stories they tell, but I already knew them. I bought video games like Animal Crossing, APEX and from Kairosoft because they were fun and you could control them yourself. I have seen many users say that they bought a certain video game because a streamer or Virtual YouTuber played it, so I guess the effect does not apply to everyone equally».

«The problem is definitely video games that have a story to tell the player. Especially the kind of games like Detroit: Become Human, where it makes sense not to know what’s going to happen next. What to do here It’s fun wondering what you are going to do and what is going to happen next. But since you know what’s going to happen, all the fun disappears, along with the desire to buy it. I’d rather buy another video game if I’m going to pay this price to rewatch a story I already know. I think there are actually quite a few people who are in the same situation as me.».

«Personally, I have always thought that it is bad to consume video games in this way, which is why I do not see any live streams of Lost Judgment or any other video game that I have decided to buy. However, any fan of a streamer or Virtual YouTuber will be interested in supporting you on any broadcast you do. So I am sure that a good number of people will be disinterested in buying. How do companies react to it?».

«I think that claiming that “game sales increase thanks to broadcasting” is a complete lie when it comes to games where history is the main selling point. I think there are rather few video games that benefit from this type of content. It would be nice for companies to put temporary restrictions right at launch, although in this case they would be affecting the content creators themselves, who in turn are supporting the promotion of the title. How can this situation be resolved?».

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