They celebrate in Camagüey day for the Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker with expo-sale of Natural and Traditional Medicine

Traditional Natural Medicine. Photo: ACN.

The Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker Day, to be commemorated on the 22nd, began with an expo-sale of 47 products of Natural and Traditional Medicine (MNT) in two opticians and the pharmacy located in the pedestrian street República, the main commercial artery of Camagüey , with about a kilometer.

As it is a very effective treatment for different conditions and with few adverse reactions, natural products such as extracts, creams, talcs, tinctures, shampoo, medicinal tea and homeopathic medicines, They were among the offers most accepted by the population.

Although the demand is much higher, the production plan for phytopharmaceuticals and api-drugs is currently being fulfilled, and work is being done on the recovery and resuscitation of all services to achieve greater availability, said Ileana Chapellí Cabrera, specialist of the MNT Program in the Directorate Provincial of Public Health of Camagüey to the website of Radio Cadena Agramonte.

In the territory there are two centers for the production of drugs of natural origin, based on the use of 43 plant species as raw materials, which must be guaranteed by the agricultural system, specified the doctor.

Camagüey has 32 pharmacies for the production of natural medicine, an amount that is intended to increase with another five by 2025, taking into account the great impact that this therapeutic modality has, said Dixsan Robles Cruz, general director of the Provincial Company of Pharmacies and Optics .

NTM is a specialty that brings together a set of preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative modalities, techniques or procedures, integrated into the National Health System, according to the site

The Day of the Pharmaceutical Worker is celebrated every November 22 in honor of the birth of the Doctor in Pharmacy Antonio Guiteras Holmes, a Cuban revolutionary leader who stood out during the Revolution of 1933, who dedicated his efforts to the development of the pharmacy in Cuba.

(With information from ACN)

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