They capture violent attack by the New Generation Jalisco Cartel with drones loaded with explosives – Prensa Libre

A camera captured the moment when a cell of the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel (CJNG) carried some unpublished Armed attacks with explosives-laden drones in Mexico.

The criminal offensive, which was perpetrated this Wednesday morning, was directed against inhabitants of Villa Victoria, in the municipal seat of Chinicuila, Michoacan.

According to the newspaper The universal, the National Guard repelled the violent attacks.

“Several families survived the CJNG attacks, that they have already served 24 hours in that area of ​​Michoacán, adjacent to Colima, ”the morning reported.

According to the publication, several radios of the attackers were seized and in them the orders of the high criminal commanders are heard to carry out the attack.

The attacks had started since Tuesday on the outskirts of the town, but this Wednesday they were extended to the municipal seat.

Although the loss of life of the residents is not lamented, their houses were damaged. Some related who took refuge in the bathrooms and others fled risking their lives at the time of the attack.

“Explosive charges they left considerable material damage to the houses ”, He says The universal.

The National Guard, which responded to the confrontation for about two hours, reinforced the area for prevention with more elements.

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