They capture Piqué from FIESTA in Stockholm with another unknown WOMAN after breaking up with Shakira | PHOTO

It seems that Gerard Piqué is trying to get over his breaking off with Shakira with a life of chaos. In recent days, the press, especially the Spanish one, has closely followed the personal life of the Spanish center-back, who has been seen in several meetings and even on a trip with those who would presumably be his new conquests. media now capture to the defender of Barcelona party in the city of Stockholm (capital of Sweden) with another unknown woman and have spread the Photo of the encounter.

While Shakira continues to focus on her music career, releasing a new single titled “Don’t You Worry” alongside the Black Eyed Peas and David Guetta, who is immediately establishing himself as the new hit of the summer; Pique he is coping with the separation surrounded by excesses. In addition to being caught with different football personalities and celebrities, he has also been seen accompanied by one or the other unknown woman And he no longer tries to hide it.

During his last party in Stockholma city to which the culé defender has previously traveled for reasons related to his company Kosmos, spread a Photo accompanied by one woman blonde and it is not the same one that is speculated to be his new girlfriend and with whom he has been related as his lover since the breaking off with Shakirasince his identity remains hidden.

According to the paparazzi Jordi Martín, Pique has taken refuge in party to try to forget the problems with the interpreter of songs like “Waka Waka” or “Te Felicito”, songs that the Colombian dedicated to her ex-lover. The journalist points out that the Blaugrana captain “he is totally out of date, going out a lot with his partner Riqui Puig“.

This is how Piqué was caught partying in Stockholm with another unknown woman | PHOTO

Gerard Piqué took advantage of his holidays at FC Barcelona and that he was not summoned by the Spanish team, to travel this week to Stockholm, Sweden; to attend a new edition of the Brilliant Minds international summit, an annual congress that brings together prominent personalities from politics, economics, sports and entertainment; like Alicia Keys, Emma Watson, Edward Norton, model Naomi Campbell and even Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai.

The 35-year-old footballer attended the party which took place after the event and was caught by the Swedish influencer and businesswoman, Katrin Zytomiersk. The Photo quickly became viral on networks, since just a few days after the breaking off with Shakirais observed at Pique at the evening in the company of another woman that until now his identity remains unknownbut you can clearly distinguish his face and some physical characteristics.

I asked if I could say hello to my son and he said no. I asked him again in surprise, and he again answered no. He wasn’t rude, but he was a bit cocky. I guess being such an important soccer player (…) But I didn’t know him until then. Then I took the picture and posted it on my Instagram.

In an interview with Laura Fa and Lorena Vázquez from “Mamarazzis”, Katrin explained that she approached Pique on the party in Stockholm, held on Friday night, to ask for a greeting for your son. The central culé refused and decided to take the Photo to post it on his social networks with a message recriminating his attitude: “listen to me loser Surely many girls at this party wanted sex with you, and I saw you and immediately thought of my son. I was clear with you, I asked you to greet my son and you said no. Who are you?“However, she did not think that said publication would cause such a stir and was even forced to close her account after receiving thousands of messages from people unknown.

With this Photospeculation is growing that Pique has already started a new relationship after the breaking off with Shakira. It should be remembered that the defender was also captured on the streets of Barcelona with a young woman woman in a very affectionate attitude.

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