They capture a former policeman in Cali, requested in extradition by the United States – Cali – Colombia

Researchers of the Transnational Working Group for the Investigation of Fugitives attached to the CTI of the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation they captured a
former member of the Policeman National.

The detainee is requested by a judge in Abiline County, in Texas, on USA.

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According to the Prosecutor’s Office, this person allegedly attacked his sentimental partner and caused serious injuries to the abdomen.

This attack occurred in 2019. Since then he was a fugitive due to aggravated assault in this case of violence against women.

In that sense, it is required in extradition to answer for
aggravated battery charges.

However, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, the accused fled the United States and returned to Colombia.

He was hiding in a house in Cali, in Valle del Cauca.

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Faced with the extradition request, the Police with the Prosecutor’s Office deployed an operation to find the capture until the cameras and uniformed men who were doing intelligence were located on a road in the capital of Valle del Cauca.

The Prosecutor’s Office reported that the Office of the Prosecutor’s Office of International Affairs, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, communicated the capture to the United States Embassy in Colombiato carry out the diplomatic procedures of law.

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“This action is part of the Agreement for Cooperation and Location of International Fugitives signed between the Attorney General’s Office and the US Marshals Agency of the United States Department of Justice,” explained the sectional director of Prosecutors in the Valley, Diana Hernández.


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