They assure that the danger for Carmen Salinas has passed and is stable

It was said that the first 72 hours after fainting were crucial; however, according to the family of Carmen Salinas placeholder image, the danger has been successfully overcome.

Your internal organs keep working, my mom is stableThey told us that something could happen in that time, but it is stable. The danger that was spoken of is over“, said Maria Eugenia Plascencia, daughter of the actress.

He added that they saw his mother move her feet and ruled out the transfer of the producer to the United States, as she assured that she receives the best of care.

“It is a movement (of his feet), but for me it is like a ray of hope, he is in a coma and that, but when I move that I do feel that he listens to me and is there trying to fight“, Held.

This year, María Eugenia had a different birthday and her greatest wish is the recovery of her mother who has been hospitalized for four days.

I heartily wish that on this birthday I had an improvement (Salinas), is stable, within its delicacy, my mother moved her little feet again, I ask for a lot of health for her and for me to give me strength to get ahead, to my cousins.

“My wish is the health of my mother and that she returns with us,” he said in an interview.

Again he asked the public to keep their prayers high, waiting for a miracle.

“Keep praying, I do believe that our father God is listening to us,” he mentioned. “My uncles are very worried, my mother has been a very good sister, mother, aunt, grandmother, a good friend, that is why we are all worried about her because she has always been aware of everyone and has helped.”

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They are looking for an external neurologist for Carmen Salinas and thus have a second evaluation

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