They ask an AI to draw the evolution of humanity and this is the incredible result

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are constantly evolving, showing us that machines are capable of all kinds of things: from giving a microwave a ‘soul’, to finding your double online, or even winning an art contest.

It is not surprising then that Artificial Intelligence is constantly on everyone’s lips, due to its continuous achievements. The last one: the drawing of the evolution of humanity that an AI has made, from its beginnings to the future.

This has been demonstrated by streamer Carlos Churches, reacting to the video in which the AI ​​draws the evolution of humanity, making an impressive futuristic vision of what the future of humanity will be like and what the passage of time can bring us.

The evolution. As can be seen in the video shared on TikTok, the AI ​​begins by drawing a monkey, which gradually transforms into an ape that looks more and more like humans, until it reaches homo sapiens. Later, centuries pass and you can see how man goes from caves to medieval times to mobile phones and new technologies.

Outcome. Finally, he launches his own vision of the future of humanity: technology becomes part of people’s lives to such an extent that little by little they become cyborgs, then robots and finally pure machines.

The video accumulates more than 2 million views on TikTok

Top comments. An image capable of making anyone’s hair stand on end, so much so that the video accumulates more than two million visits on the social network accumulating all kinds of comments: “Something that I question is that our time lasts less than a second ”, “Well, we won’t be alive to see it”, “Evolution all in its time”, “When the human being can transfer consciousness, the flesh will be forgotten and we will become immortal. We won’t see it but it will be so”, “I’m going to end up being a pipeline”, “There is still no artificial intelligence that really is. So far everything is based on algorithms made by humans” or “If that happened, the latest image would obviously be able to create and destroy anything at his will equal to God”, have been some of the most popular reactions from users.

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