They accuse Maya Zapata of using a filter to bleach in a VIDEO of Poder prieto: “Not even she accepts herself”

actress maya zapata was criticized on social media for allegedly using a skin lightening filter, during a Christmas video that came out as part of the campaign “Dark power”.

In the clip that lasts almost a minute, Maya Zapata appears along with other actors of this movement such as Tenoch Huerta.

In the video, the protagonists ironize about spending a “white Christmas” to make social criticism, for example: “As white as a Televisa soap opera”; “As white as our colonized minds”; “As white as the Catholic religion”; “So white that birth gentrifies them”; “As white as the bleaching of the Mexican heroes”; “As white as most of the Mexican theater.”

Users criticize Maya Zapata for using a filter

Social media users accused Maya Zapata of abusing the filters and lightening her skin with said social media filters.

Some claimed that she looked almost as white as Nicole Kidman, others accused her of having a complex for using the filter.

“As white as the filters you used for your videos?”“One more filter and you purify the water, complexed”, “In that video you look super white, ridiculous”, “Maya Zapata capitalizing on the victimhood of “Poder Prieto” using a filter that makes her look whiter than Nicole Kidman” ,”Neither do they accept themselves”were some of the comments of netizens against the actress.

On other occasions Maya Zapata has responded to users who have accused her of whitening with the filters. “It is not respectful to control my skin color. And even worse assume that I am whitewashed, ”she said in a comment on her networks.

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