These pitches make Tottenham’s match against Leicester in Bangkok canceled


Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City cancel playback Rajamangala Stadium, Bangkok. Field conditions did not seem to allow for a pre-season game.

The match between the two Premier League clubs was actually played yesterday Sunday (23/7) before it was finally decided to be cancelled.

Before canceling the starting game Tottenham vs Leicester V Rajamangala Stadium was also delayed by 40 minutes due to heavy rain.

Quote London Evening Standard, heavy rain that fell in the area of ​​the stadium affected the condition of the grass field. This condition is not improving.

It was further stated that a number of inspections were carried out to check the field conditions. Manager Tottenham Ange Postekoglou and her team’s field staff also conducted an inspection.

“However, in the end it was felt that there were too many puddles on the field and the match was cancelled. Before leaving, the players of both teams made a lap of honor to evaluate the arriving fans.”

Pouring rain Rajamangala Stadium really kicks up a few drops of water on the field, which makes it impossible for the round skin to roll perfectly. Conditions that then make pre-season games Tottenham Hotspur vs Leicester City finally cancelled.


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