These indie games for PS5 and PS4 are on sale for less than 20 euros

Looking for something to play on PlayStation? Perhaps a game that is not the most played by everyone? then welcome to The best indie games for PS5 and PS4 on offer for less than 20 euros.

A compilation of indie titles with a good discount that are perfect to play on these consoles. Remember that they can be enjoyed in both, this time there is no problem.

As you have seen at the beginning, none of the examples that you are going to see exceeds 20 euros in price. But some cases are even for less than 10 euros and everything.

In short, playing these fantastic indies is going to cost you very little. Besides that some of them have had recent updates.


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Like so many other times already, there is no need to worry about genres. this time there is platform, action, RPG, horror and many more.

Clever? Well, we are going to start precisely with the most recent game to be updated. A challenging, fun and very addictive title.


Cuphead Review Switch

Cuphead is a platformer, metroidvania, run ‘n gun…, but overall a good game. It can be enjoyed alone or with a friend and although it is difficult, cuphead is always fair.

Although the core of the game is made up of ‘walk and shoot’ levels, the real challenge awaits you in the boss battles. Prepared? Thanks to its 30% discount, it is right now for €13.99 in the PS Store.

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ARK Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved

Survival, dinosaurs and a huge island to explore await you in ARK Survival Evolved, an adventure that can be enjoyed both alone and in the company of other players. You can read our analysis for more review.

To survive we will have to explore, collect, build shelters and hunt and tame more than 60 species of dinosaurs. But its 67% discount leaves the game at €9.89 on the PS Store.

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Sekiro - Arthur Morgan

The Ascent

The Ascent

The Ascent is a futuristic action role-playing game in isometric view, which takes place in The Ascent Group, a mega-corporation-metropolis that grows towards the sky teeming with strange and colorful creatures from all over the galaxy; analysis.

When their survival is jeopardized by a mysterious blackout, it’s up to us to stop rival corporations and crime syndicates from taking over. Available on PS4 and PS5, its 35% offer leaves the price at €19.49 on the PS Store.

Nobody Saves The World

Nobody Saves the World

Nobody Saves The World is the new game from Drinkbox Studios (creators of Guacamelee!). As we have already discussed, the idea that nobody saves the world is played with until the protagonist gains the ability to transform into anything.

A title that at first glance could be defined as a action RPG with exploration, combat and dungeon crawling, a lot of dungeon. If you’re intrigued, His 20% discount drops it all right now for €19.99 on the PS Store.

Death’s Door

Death's Door

Death’s Door It is a great Zelda-type game as we have already analyzed. Acid Nerve (Titan Souls) presents us with this game starring a raven known as Reaper and collector of souls.

But when a soul disappears, he will have to fight and find it to restore order. Combat, exploration, dungeons, puzzles and even an isometric perspective, all thanks to its 35% discount and for €12.99 on the PS Store.

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Tails of Iron

Tails of Iron

Tails of Iron is a 2D soulslike that drinks from the redwall junior book series, starring mice and with hints of dark fantasy; besides a bit more “bloody”.

Along with deep RPG elements and a complex and challenging combat system (especially against bosses) this fun and difficult game is presented with its 40% discount and for €14.99 on the PS Store; €12.99 if you have PS+.

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Wasteland 3 Colorado Edition

Wastelands 3

Wasteland 3 with his Colorado Edition The complete game experience in one great collection. In addition to the award-winning tactical RPG, the Colorado Collection includes The Battle of Steeltown and Cult of the Holy Detonation expansions.

And along with all this, a series of additional items of equipment from Survival in Colorado. Here you have it analyzed, but there are many hours of pure western RPG thanks to its 60% and its €19.99 on the PS Store; €14.99 with PS+.

Tormented Souls


Tormented Souls – PS5 Cinematic Trailer

Tormented Souls It is a survival horror with a soul, as we say in our analysis. Inspired by classics like Resident Evil, Silent Hill or Alone in the Dark, it has been created by the Chilean studio Dual Effect.

Caroline Walker is a teacher who receives an anonymous letter with the photo of two twins. The image of her keeps haunting him in his dreams, so she decides to go to the place where the letter came from… The same happens to you if you miss her 35% discount and her price of €12.99 on the PS Store.

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight Dig

Shovel Knight Treasure Trove is the studio compilation Yacht Club Gamesa remake of Shovel Knight that includes the original game along with all of its downloadable content released to date.

Contains the Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment DLC, an expansion featuring one of the villains from the original video game. We analyze it here, but its 40% discount leaves everything for € 14.99 in the PS Store.

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Road 96

Road 96

Road 96 It is the work of Yoan Fanise, one of the main creators of Valiant Hearts, but this is his first game under the signature of his new studio: DigixArt. with very present narrative, this time it does it in a totally original way: with a road trip full of surprises.

In his analysis you can see more details, but we are invited to live a “road trip” with countless procedurally generated roads and where there are all kinds of situations. Its 30% offer leaves its price at €13.99 in the PS Store.

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And so far this report with The best indie games for PS5 and PS4 on offer for less than 20 euros.

Has any of them caught your attention in particular?

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