These are the shades of hair that set the trend in autumn-winter and that celebrities already use

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We are in the last quarter of 2022 and with it comes one of the times when more celebrations, reunions and reunions with family and friends take place, reason why many begin to think about what can be a makeover to close with a flourish.

Whom TimeX We give you some suggestions of the trends in hair tones that will prevail during the fall-winter of 2022 and that will help to look spectacular at the next parties.

For this season they are betting on more natural tones and copper as the favorites for these changes of look, apart from that they bring a lot of style. In addition to the fact that copper colors have a wide range of tones, which favors all skin colors, from blondes to brunettes.


Chocolate brown is another tone that will be very popular and also favors women with more tanned skin. They provide elegance and can be illuminated with some lights in lighter or reddish tones that give this color a twist.

Actresses like Zendaya have opted for this color that is quite versatile and contains the best of brown and red, while others like Jessica Alba bet on chestnuts with a layered bob cut.

The caramel shade is another good option for pimpled skin that wants to bring light and shine to their face. It’s a perfect shade to add warmth to any look, while the more reddish shades are perfect for lighter, cooler skin tones.

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