These are the new FUT Champions rewards (which have disappointed me)

EA Sports already clarified, on more than one occasion, that the Teams of the Week would stop appearing in FIFA 23 during the World Cup. So we would have new FUT Champions rewards to replace the classic red player picks and TOTW Premium envelopes. They would be packs and player choices with a minimum average and we have already figured out exactly how they will work.

In my humble opinion, the news is disappointing. The non-transferable player picks of red IFs are replaced by others of unique gold players +84. They barely guarantee an 84 averageand there are plenty of near-useless cards that beat that overall rating.

And in the case of TOTW Premium envelopes, they are replaced by packs of five unique gold players +83 non-tradeable. Another average low from my point of view. Apart from the fact that you do not receive a large number of footballers either. If each envelope had ten items (for example), it would be much more attractive.

A portion of the new FUT Champions Rank II FIFA 23 Ultimate Team rewards
Rewards are now updated from the FIFA 23 menu.

Therefore, the player picks of IF’s are replaced by player picks of non-tradeable +84 cards. And the TOTW Premium packs (which included three transferable IFs), are replaced by envelopes of five unique +83 transferable gold players. That’s the change from now until new Teams of the Week arrive..

And it is striking that have removed an option in player picks from most ranks. For example, from rank 1 to rank 5, you used to see five In Forms in each of the player picks. But now there will be four unique +84 gold instead of five.

The rest of the envelopes and coins of the rewards seem exactly the same as in the past days. It seems that nothing else has changed.

Here you have a combination to use competitive players and quite affordable. And if you want to be attentive to the news of FIFA 23, You can sign up for our Telegram broadcast channel. All the best!

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