These are the five Spanish women who sweep the most on TikTok

La social network TikTok It is one of the main content for immediate dissemination and the videos that are uploaded to it have a great capacity for viralization.

For this reason, many of the users of this social network have achieved some figures of ‘likes’ and ‘views’ that allow them to store a large number of followers and thus become famous and recognized by a wide audience.

One thing to keep in mind is that the TikTok application is the most downloaded, surpassing Instagram and WhatsApp, with more than one billion users. In these times, followers mean influence and profiles with influence mean cache, so companies and brands are very careful to pay for advertising and promotions to these public figures.

If you have influence in networks, you have money and if you have money you can improve the quality of life, therefore there are many who they try to viralize their content to add followers at all costs, although there are also many who remain in the way of the social “success.”

Virtually everyone with a smartphone knows the TikTok phenomenon, the most popular social network to create, edit and share short videos with the latest music trends.

Next, we show you a list of the five spanish women who are most successful in TikTok.

Julia Men (@juliamenugarcia)

Julia takes the cake if we talk about followers, with 23.6 million; The content creator from Almería has achieved all her popularity with videos of humor and everyday life.

In its content she plays two characters that she herself created, Ma and Julia, known as “the sisters of TikTok”, who make the audience laugh with their many pranks.

Aitana and Paula Etxebarra (@Twinmelody)

The twins of Guipzcoa appear greatly in the application: their fame began in Youtubebut it is in TikTok where they viralize everything they publish. They are positioned at number two on the list with 18 million followers.

The Twins Melody They stand out for their perfectly staged dances and identical ensembles on camera. They have even gotten to have a section on the big screen in the program ‘The Anthill’.

Mar Lucas (@marlucas18)

It is difficult for Sea you have missed a song that is a trend and you have missed dancing and recording it, it is dance and fashion at its best. The Catalan began in TikTok with only 18 years old and today he has 12.7 million followers on his profile.

Sea He has obtained all his fame from the social platform TikTok and does not stop uploading daily content.

Lola Moreno (@lolaloliitaaa)

Once again it is the dance that predominates in this young man from Alicantewho is not only an image and influence for multiple brands, but is also the creator of her own clothing line.

They usually have her in almost all fashion events; With 9.1 million followers, Lola dances with celebrities like Camilo, David Bisbal or Lola ndigo.

Luca Bellido (@its.bellido)

known as “La Bellido” by her followers on TikTok.Luca She is also a very active ‘tiktoker’ on her social profile: she shares humorous short clips from her daily life and collaborations with other influencer friends.

And a very strong point that it has Luca is that it gives a lot of visibility to an taboo subject, mental health, sharing content with the intention of helping and helping herself, since she herself also suffers.

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