These are the biggest deals that have been made in the video game industry

The purchase of Activision Blizzard by Xbox owner Microsoft Corporation means one of the biggest deals that there has been in the history of the industry, thanks to the 68 thousand 700 million dollars invested to take home Call of Duty.

Activision Blizzard will be owned by Microsoft (Reuters).

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Activision Blizzard will be owned by Microsoft (Reuters).

The video game industry has been on the rise, after the covid-19 pandemic, since digital entertainment at home became one of the great exits to the confinement emanating from the health emergency.

The global video game market in 2021 generated total revenue of 180.3 billion dollars, a figure that is expected to grow to 218.8 billion dollars in 2024, according to the analysis company Newzoo.

However, there is a very important sector to attack: mobile video games, an industry that is expected to grow, spends 116 thousand 400 million dollars in 2024, according to the same source.

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The most expensive businesses in the history of video games

According to the analyst company Refinitive, these are the most expensive businesses in the industry:

  1. Purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft Corporation – $68.7 billion (January 2022)
  2. Take-Two Interactive purchase of Zynga – $11.04 billion (January 2022)
  3. Purchase of Supercell Oy by an investment group led by Tencent Holdings – $8.6bn (June 2016)
  4. Purchase of Zenimax (Bethesda) by Microsoft Corporation – $7.5 billion (September 2020)
  5. Purchase of Rey by Activision Blizzard – $5.9 billion (November 2015)
  6. Purchase of Playtika by Chinese investment group – 4.4 billion dollars (July 2016)
  7. Purchase of Mojang Studios by Microsoft Corporation – $2.5bn (September 2014)
  8. Purchase of Glu Mobile by Electronic Arts – $2.4bn (February 2021)
  9. Purchase of Playdemic by Electronic Arts – $1.4 billion (June 2021)

So far, it is not known what the intentions of the distribution of Activision Blizzard titles, exclusivity issues or other details about what will happen to titles such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Diablo and other beloved franchises; but it is to be thought that there will be great surprises for those affiliated to Microsoft already Game Pass.


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