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The cybersecurity It is a subject that still needs to be reinforced among users who surf the Internet. The NordPass password manager has revealed, on the occasion of the closing of 2022, the most insecure passwords in the world that continue to open the doors to hackers.

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The study carried out by the company analyzed password creation globally and the differences in its use according to sex in the 30 countries that were investigated. See the list below.

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Most insecure passwords of 2022

  1. Password: tops the list being used more than 4.9 million times.
  2. 123456: this series of numbers is used in 1.5 million cases.
  3. 123456789: once again, this series of numbers was used just over 413,000 times.
  4. guest: fourth, it was used about 377,000 times.
  5. QWERTY: this word was used about 310,000 times.
  6. 12345678: Sixthly, this word was used precisely 284,946 times.
  7. 111111: It was used 229,047 times.
  8. 12345: in eighth place, these digits were used 188,602 times.
  9. col123456: this combination between letters and numbers was used 140,505 times.
  10. 123123: finally, these repeated digits were used 140,505 times.

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It is clear that most include the repetition of numbers or figures that are easy to decipher, in fact, the company revealed that many of these take less than 1 second to unravel.

How to create a secure password?

First, should never include names, birthdays, usernames or email addresses. Being information that can be obtained quickly, it is easier for a hacker to guess the password.

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It is important create longer passwords. Some sites suggest that it be at least 8 characters. Besides, the same password should not be used for all accounts, Well, if it manages to be discovered for one account, the others will be easy to decipher.

Similarly, it is recommended include numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, and symbols.

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