These are Amazon’s best-selling solar panels

Solar panels use energy from the sun to convert light into electricity. Installing solar panels has not only become a good alternative to reduce the electricity bill, but it also helps to reduce carbon emission by not using electricity produced by fossil fuels. If we go to the Amazon solar panel section, these are the ones that users buy the most.


East solar generator has a useful life of approximately 12 years and transmits solar energy to the battery with help of a solar panel. A full charge of the generator can provide 64 hours of continuous light. Designed to be carried during excursions, camping or other outdoor activities thanks to its light and small size. Its weight is equivalent to 2 1.5 liter water bottles and it fits perfectly in a standard size backpack. It has a price of 82.92 euros.

Enjoy Solar Poly 50 W

Manufactured with surface of ESG solar glass hardened with weather- and weather-resistant hardened coating. Recommended to achieve a mobile and independent power supply in green houses, cabins, caravans, mobile homes and boats among others. It has a nominal power of 50 W and a performance guarantee of up to 10 years at 90%. It has a price of 45.95 euros.


Solar panel with monocrystalline solar cells with aluminum frame and tempered glass. Correctly oriented, the Mono 5W model complies with the described voltage of 12 V. It is also possible to choose larger modules depending on the space and the needs of the home. It has a price of 26.44 euros.

Enjoy Solar Mono 5W

A solar panel with a nominal power of 5W with a maximum voltage of 18.3V which can become a good solar panel for small projects. Also suitable for caravans, vans or cabins among others. It has a price of 14.50 euros.

Dokio 20W solar panel

Fifth, we have the 20W Dokio solar panel indicated for charging 12V batteries or multiple solar panels that can be connected in series to charge 24V batteries. Its silicon solar cells high efficiency ensure high performance. It has a price of 36.99 euros.

Dokio foldable solar panel kit

Dokio also has a foldable solar panel that we can take to our excursions, hiking trails, as well as camping. Lightweight and easy to transport with a power of 100W. Also designed to be used in tractors, snowmobiles, to charge your car battery in emergency situations, etc. It also includes solar controller to configure the two USB outputs with as you have. It has a price of 124.99 euros.

X-Dragon 20W

Another of the portable options of Amazon’s best-selling solar panels is the 20W X-Dragon panel. With iSolar technology to automatically adjust the current and voltage to achieve maximum power and high efficiency of up to 25%. Very suitable to carry it when we go hiking trails of several days and we want to charge our mobile devices. It has a price of 59.99 euros.

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