These actors are reputed to be the worst kissers in movie history

Although in the movies the romantic scenes are always the best, the directors do everything possible so that nobody notices that one of the two kissers does not do it well.

Movie actors have given us wonderful scenes of passionate kissesHowever, there are characters who were judged for it, such is the case of Johnny Depp, who confessed that kissing Angelina Jolie, considered to have the best lips in the world, was not a father during the film ‘The Turist’ in 2011 from director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.

But just like him, many celebrities have expressed that their acting partners are not the best kissers. and stated that they lacked enough practice to come up with the passionate kisses that we have seen in scenes of romance movies, therefore they turned out to be a disappointment behind the scenes. Today we show you some that were listed as the worst, you will be surprised.

Robert Pattinson


The hottie Robert Pattinson from the saga of five romantic fantasy movies Twilightbased on four novels by the American author Stephenie Meyer, did not have his best moment to kiss Reese Witherspoon in Water for Elephants 2011, as revealed by the same actress, since the famous had a terrible cold.

Julia Roberts


In the film A place called Notting Hill 1999, directed by roger michelalso considered the most romantic by actor Hugh John Mungo Grant,who shared credits with the Oscar winner for best actress, Julia Roberts, declared that the kisses were not what they seemIn fact, he indicated that he felt an echo when he kissed her because she had a big mouth and her experience was not pleasant.

Jennifer Lawrence

Vanity Fair

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 actor Liam Hemsworth confessed that he found the love scenes with Jennifer Lawrence too uncomfortable, since that she ate garlic, tuna or any other unpleasant thing and was not in the habit of brushing her teeth How about? We are sure that for other men that would be the least of it.

Angelina Jolie

Vanity Fair

In the 2008 film Wanted, actors James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie were a kissing couple, despite the fact that most men would die to kiss the sensual actress, McAvoy had the opportunity, but does not recommend it and he dared to say that “it was uncomfortable, sweaty and unpleasant”, but he did not give the reasons.

Tom Cruise

Vanity Fair

During the filming of Mission Impossible 2starring Tom Cruise Y Thandie Newtonthe British actress was not amazed to kiss the captivating that melts with the eyes of womendeclared that it was “a little unpleasant and wet”.

Leonardo Dicaprio

National Geographic

Director Danny Boyle, directed the film The Beach, with the cast of Leonardo DiCaprio characterized by having good luck in life as well as in love, but despite this, the beautiful actress Virginie Ledoyen said unpleasant things about her coexistence with the famous man, since she only thought about not drowning during an underwater scene, which is why the kiss was not the best.

Emma Watson


Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe shared a kiss on stage during the Harry Potter sagabut the actor was surprised, as he said he was expecting a sweet one, from which he got a strong and compared it to that of an animal, this according to Univision.

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