There will be no influence of persons subject to sanctions in the government of Silina

If there is such pressure from persons subject to sanctions, and Silina sees that a government minister is making “decisions under influence”, she will reserve the right to remove such a minister from office.

Maris Springjuks (AS) said today in an interview with Latvian Radio that if the Union of Greens and Farmers (SZS) is in the government, then it would be fair if Aivars Lembergs sat at the government table, and “then his influence can be visible and open to Everyone.” Any manipulation with the aim of “we will not be affected there”, according to Springyuk, is a marriage.

Prime Minister nominee Evika Silina (SP) will reportedly take a break from government formation talks until Wednesday morning at the request of the Single List (AS).

According to the Constitution, President Edgars Rinkevics invited Silina to form a government.

On Wednesday, August 30, Rinkevich and Silinas plan to meet to discuss the progress made in forming a new coalition.

The SP has 26 seats in the Sejm, the ZZS has 16, and the Progressives have 10 seats, which together give the so-called core of a possible new government 52 votes, or a minimal majority. The AC has 15 deputies, the National Assembly has 13 seats.

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