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The head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ukrainian Defense Ministrya, Kirylo Budanov, stated in an interview thatAt the start of the war against his country, there was an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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According to the information that Budanov contributes to the Ukrainian outlet Ukrayinska Pravda, and which is collected by La Nación de Argentina, representatives of the Caucasus region tried to remove Putin, in a failed operation.

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A totally failed assassination attempt, but it really did take place… It was about two months ago.”

“There was even an assassination attempt on him not long ago, committed by someone related to representatives of the Caucasus. This is not public information,” the official said in excerpts that were shared.

Although Bubanov does not give an exact date, he affirms that the operation was carried out, but also “once again, it was unsuccessful. This event was not made public in any way, but it happened.”

The Caucasus is a natural region located on the border between Eastern Europe and Western Asia, between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, which includes the Caucasus Mountain Range itself and the surrounding lowlands.

Although most of the 20th century had been politically grouped into just three states (Turkey, the Russian Empire succeeded by the Soviet Union, and Persia, later called Iran), since 1991, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the emergence of a series of new nations.

Consequently, together with the two states that occupied the southern slopes of the Caucasus, Turkey and Iran, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia have been added to the central area of ​​the region, as well as Russia to its northern end, maintaining control over a conglomerate of administrative divisions at different levels, some of which are immersed in a war to obtain their independence.

Putin’s state of health

In addition to talking about the “attempted assassination of Putin”, the Ukrainian official made reference to the state of health of the Russian president whom he claims “has cancer”.

The information goes hand in hand with the confirmation of the intelligence of the United Kingdom, which days ago made reference to the illnesses of the Kremlin president and who they confirmed, may leave power in 2023 due to his inconvenience.

“We can confirm that Putin is in very poor psychological and physical condition. He is very ill. He suffers from several diseases at the same time, one of them is cancer, ”the division general told the British network. SkyNews.

Finally, Budanov also affirms that in Russia there is currently a coup d’état underway to overthrow the president, as has already been reported weeks ago, linking some names such as Alexander Bórtnikov, an official of the Russian Secret Service.

*With information from La Nación, Argentina (GDA)

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