There are two ways to bypass the Google Meet time restriction.

How to bypass the time restriction on Meet video calls

When it comes to video calls in the workplace, Google Meet is usually the preferred choice of many companies, due to all the comforts it offers when holding these virtual meetings. However, it also has a function that affects the user experience and it is a time restriction.

Because of this, many companies they have had to look for other alternatives to make videoconferences. Although if you are looking for an app to make personal video calls, WhatsApp allows you to do it easily, just like you can join virtual meetings by FaceTime.

Nevertheless, if you prefer to continue using Google Meetyou should know that there is a way to bypass this time restriction and, in the next lines, we will explain how.

How the time restriction works in Meet video calls

This is how the Google Meet time restriction works in video conferences

This is how the Google Meet time restriction works in video conferences

But before going on to tell you how can you avoid this limityou need to know how it works.

Currently, Google Meet allows you to make group video calls with many people, which is good for the business sector, which is where this service is used the most. However, these video conferences have a limit 60 minute settherefore, after this time, it will be concluded automatically.

Obviously, with 5 minutes to go until 60 minutes, all participants will receive a notification where it tells them what will happen. But you should know that this restriction had been removed during the confinement period, but now it has been implemented again.

How to bypass the time restriction on Google Meet video calls

exist two ways to bypass the constraint of time imposed by Google in Meet video conferences.

The first is simply generating a new videoconference link and send it to all the participants, once the previous meeting has been canceled after the 60 minutes have expired.

But if this is not comfortable for you, then you can opt for the second solution, which is update google account type and, for this, you must pay a subscription of about 9 euros per month to access the benefits of the level Single Workspacewhich allows you to make video calls that last up to a whole day, but also many other additional features.

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