The worst series of the week: ‘The first death’, vampires ace, no please


In ?The first death? there is a batycao remix of vampires and vampire hunters allied with existential-lesbian drama for quinceaeros

Imani Lewis and Sarah .Catherine, in 'The First Death
Imani Lewis and Sarah .Catherine, in ‘The First DeathNETFLIX
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There are series that are not for me, I know it before I see it. It has nothing to do with whether they are good or bad, or not just that. A series in Manhattan interests me more than one in an American suburb and a series based on Carver stories appeals to me more than one that adapts stories for teenagers. VE Schwad, creator of the first deathis the author of youth literature.

Her series is the adaptation of a short story also signed by her. A batycao remix of vampires and vampire hunters allied with existential-lesbian drama for teenagers.

For me, starting to see her came from a pragmatic and perverse motivation. I needed a series to put it in this weekly section: the one about the series that I do not recommend. Unless you’re more interested in a series in a suburb than in New York. Unless you’re more drawn to teen stories than Carver’s prose. In that case, maybe the first death it’s your series

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With each new iteration of the vampire myth on television I am almost forced to re-watch the first episode of TrueBlood. The first episode of the first season. When TrueBlood she was not only funny but also challenging and slutty. When she spoke of difference and coexistence, of lust, freedom and temptation. When we still weren’t sick of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. When the love story between the southern damsel and the charming bloodsucker hadn’t turned into a three-ring circus. When twilight it was just a literary phenomenon. Two months after the premiere, with his first film it would become a money-making machine. what came after it was a saturation of vampires Languid and young in search of success. Soon the vampire stopped being sexy and original to become formulaic and repetitive. When the first death comes to Netflix we are, at least me, to something else. If we still had a craving for a bun roll and a drink of hemoglobin, we’d get The anxiety.

If, ignoring this advice, they give a chance to the first deaththey will receive a few unpleasant surprises, such as embarrassing visual effects or the sad confirmation that Elizabeth Mitchell drifts from the iconic end of lost. Only because of that character is Mitchell a legend. I see her in the first death playing the posh lady and the body asks me to return to her reunion, after unknowingly crossing oceans of time, with Josh Holloway. We have to go back to the places where we were happy and for me one of those places is Juliet and Sawyer in the hospital vending machine. Another is the first bite of TrueBlood. And the first powder. In the first death There’s also that, but now I’m on other things, other vampirism.

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