“The Wonder”: Florence Pugh in a new period drama that reveals its trailer

Florence Pugh stars “TheWonder”the new period drama directed by Chilean director Sebastian Leilo (“Disobedience”, “A Fantastic Woman”) which develops the arrival of a British nurse Lib Wright summoned to analyze the case of a girl, Anna O’Donnell, who has not eaten for four months.

The girl’s case transcends the press until Wright is hired to control her for two weeks, to find out if it really is a miracle or what is behind the whole thing.

Accompanying Pugh in the cast are figures such as Niam Algar (“Raised by Wolves”), Ciarán Hinds (“Belfast”), Tom Burke (“Mank” and “The Souvenir”), Tony Jones (“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”)Elaine Cassidy (“Fingersmith”)David Wilmont (“An Extraordinary Love”) Y Josie Walker (“Belfast”).

“The Wonder” with Florence Pugh

Based on the homonymous novel by the Irish author Emma Donoghuewriter of “Room”, which inspired the film starring Brie Larson (Oscar winner) and Jacob Tremblay; the premiere Nov. 16 on the Netflix platform. After having toured International Film Festivals such as Toronto and San Sebastián.

As for Florence Pugh (“Little Women”, “Midsommar”, and soon “Dune Part II” and “Oppenheimer”), she is coming off another year of international premieres and presentations as she did in the recent “Don’t Worry Darling”, by Olivia Wilde.

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