The WhatsApp trick so that your mobile memory does not fill up with photos to congratulate 2023

The notification that there is little storage left on the mobile can be a nuisance, especially when we are in that special moment that we want to save in the gallery of our device. One option to get ‘extra’ space is delete unnecessary files that WhatsApp saved in the application and that may be occupying gigabytes without us realizing it.

To delete the files you want from the instant messaging app, all you have to do is access ‘Settings’ > ‘Storage and data’ > ‘Manage storage’. However, performing this operation every time you need spaces can be somewhat awkward, especially now that it is approaching a flood of images and videos congratulating the new year 2023. Directly, you could prevent the platform from downloading the multimedia content that you send yourself by default.

There are two more tricks.

How to deactivate the automatic download of WhatsApp?

  • Click on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the WhatsApp home interface and enter ‘Settings’.
  • Choose ‘Storage and data’.
  • Look for the option ‘In data interchange’ and choose the files you don’t want to auto-download when sent.
  • On top of that, users can also set the app to not download when connected to WiFi or when using data.
  • In iOS, instead of ‘In data interaction’, you have to look for the option of ‘Photos’.

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