The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp didn’t work out. HBO cancels ‘Idol’

Following unprecedented television criticism, HBO will no longer continue Idol, an animated showbiz mini-series starring The Weeknd and actress Lily-Rose Depp and already created by award-winning author Sam Levinson. Victory in Euphoria. This decision is reported by

The Idol mini-series airs on HBO Max with Czech dubbing and subtitles.

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The Idol mini-series airs on HBO Max with Czech dubbing and subtitles. | Video: HBO Max

Idol was one of our most provocative projects. We’re delighted that it generated such a strong response, but after careful consideration, we have decided not to film a second season,” a company spokeswoman said Tuesday night. She thanked the creators, cast and crew.

The server recalls that the first difficulties occurred already during production, when the original director Amy Seimetz was replaced by Sam Levinson. This was followed by reshoots of some scenes, a last-minute reduction in the number of episodes from six to five, and a lukewarm premiere at the Cannes Film Festival. The miniseries subsequently received mostly overwhelming response. Today, his rating on the site, which combines reviews of various media, is only 19 percent.

He also released viewership figures for only the first episodes. The first part was watched by 913,000 people on the day of the premiere, and a week later it grew to 3.6 million viewers, in the case of the second part, HBO reported only 800,000 viewers on the first day, adds.

The series tells about the difficult relationship between the pop singer Jocelyn, who has been used to commanding the management circle since childhood, and the owner of the music club, who begins to humiliate her. “The Idol makes HBO’s reputation for producing quality dramas for demanding audiences a bit more difficult,” writes Aktuálně.cz in a review that says “even the story of the most superficial star deserves more attention.”

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