The warmest day in the history of Romania. It was 60 degrees Celsius – the event of the day

In 1931, the Romanian press reported the worst heat wave in Europe. Surprisingly, it turned out that the highest temperatures recorded in that period took place precisely on the territory of our country.

60 degrees Celsius in Bucharest, July 16, 1931.

QuestionOn July 16, 1931, a thermometer in Bucharest showed an incredible value of 60 degrees Celsius. Journalists at the time noted that this maximum temperature would go down in history. They weren’t wrong. On the same day, 80 degrees Celsius was recorded in the Sahara..

Experts have speculated that it could have been an equatorial heat wave that was expected to hit Spain or Greece, but unexpectedly affected Romania instead.

And these days Bucharest is melting from the heat, but the thermometers have never risen as high as in 1931. On Saturday, the maximum temperature will usually be between 33 and 37 degrees and the minimum between 18 and 23 degrees. The temperature and humidity index (HMI) will exceed the critical threshold of 80 units.

The heat will continue in the southern regions on Sunday, July 23, and will spread to most of the country early next week and intensify.

Third heat wave approaches Romania

Romania will continue to suffer from heat waves in the coming period as a third heat wave approaches, according to warnings issued by ANM head Elena Mateescu.

Indeed, since Tuesday it is possible to record the third wave of abnormal heat, which we have mentioned in all speeches.“.

Elena Matescu also said that it is quite possible that this month will be among the three warmest months in the history of meteorological measurements in our country. It is also possible that we are recording temperatures higher than they were because the ground is already warmer.

“Specific ingredients combine to lock in warmer temperatures, when we are already talking about a prolonged heat wave and when we are talking about highs above 35, up to 40 degrees in the shade, but also on tropical nights, because the heat is suffocating and at night, when we record values ​​that do not fall below 20 degrees, even rise to 25 degrees.

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