The Walking Dead: Why the series was canceled and will not return for season 12

After 12 years and 177 episodes, The Walking Dead series has come to an end, although it had an open ending for each of its characters, the reality is that the program ended up being canceled before season 12.

The Serie the walking dead It won’t have a twelfth season, but we’ve known that for a while. In September 2020, the television AMC announced that the end was near, although it added more episodes to the last installment, bringing the final chapter to an unprecedented twenty-four episodes. Many fans were shocked when its cancellation was announced amid the comeback of two of the main members. andrew lincoln like Rick Grimes and Dana Gurira like Michonne.

According to what was explained by the head of contents of the walking dead, Scott Gimple, in statements, the main series was ending mainly to make way for new stories and spin-offs. Also, AMC and the production team seem to have come to an amicable agreement and have jointly decided that the time is right to end the series.

“There are many more exciting stories to come on TWD, and this ending will be the beginning of more The Walking Dead: new stories and characters, familiar faces and places, new voices, and new mythologies. It will be a great ending that will lead to more firsts.” Evolution is coming. The Walking Dead is alive.”

Taking into account the time the series has been on the air the walking dead, makes sense. Very few scripted series premiere after 177 episodes, so it’s better to end while there’s still demand than to wait for everyone to quit the show. In fact, since season seven, the show has lost millions of viewers, from 8 million to just 3 million viewers.

the walking dead It first aired in 2012, when 5.35 million viewers watched the series, one of the biggest debuts in cable TV history, and at its peak, 17 million people watched live. In the middle of the third season of the walking dead, it had aired 75 episodes in a row, seen by more than 10 million viewers in a single day, something almost unprecedented at the time and even more so today. Unfortunately, the tenth installment has had its lowest audience, with only three or four million viewers.

The Walking Dead: The end of the series and the fate of its characters

However, if global audiences and recovery television are added, the walking dead it still performs very well, and that decline is natural in the streaming age. So viewership ratings probably weren’t a factor in this case, as they weren’t bad enough to warrant cancellation, despite the decline in recent years.

Despite the cancellation of the walking dead As the main series, great spin-offs of its most important characters are expected, the first of which will be Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) titled The Walking Dead: Dead City. While the second will be Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) and finally the Rick Grimes and Michonne, which means that there are many more years of this great zombie universe.

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