The Walking Dead: AMC reveals first trailer of Maggie and Negan in spin-off Dead City

The Walking Dead has come to an end on AM, but fans will have more stories when The Walking Dead: Dead City premieres next year. A new series that will star Lauren Cohan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Maggie and Negan, as confirmed by the first trailer.

The Walking Dead: Dead Cityis the new series of the successful franchise the walking dead which will debut on screen in April 2023. A new post-apocalyptic drama from the network AMCwhich will lead Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) to find himself in an isolated Manhattan teeming with walkers. A place where lawlessness is king.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon in his The Walking Dead spinoff in Paris, France

The question that many fans ask has to do with how Maggie and Negan find themselves in this new environment and what is the reason that brings them together. It is known that they were never friends because of what happened with Gleen in The Walking Dead, but Dead City will be in charge of explaining what is really coming for these characters.

Several months ago AMC shared the first official photos of Maggie and Negan in New York in the spinoff. Then, a behind-the-scenes preview showed the filming process for The Walking Dead: Dead City, and now a trailer has been revealed with some interesting footage showing the two in the midst of their new lives in the city, far from Atlanta, after spend many years in the forest.

AMC also shared photos of the spinoff focused on Daryl Dixon, the character of Norman Reedus, which is set in Paris, France. Let’s remember that in The Walking Dead, the warrior with the crossbow left after learning that Rick was alive and that Michonne was on a mission to find him.

Trailer for The Walking Dead: Dead City shows what life is like in New York in the post-apocalyptic world

It is also known that the coda of The Walking Dead: World Beyond it took place in France, so it could be a clue that the zombies there are stronger than the variants they featured in the final season. Daryl’s story arc came full circle in the series finale, and he surely wakes up in this new location not knowing how he got there, something that should pave the way for mystery.

On the other hand, Rick Grimes (andrew lincoln) and Michonne (Dana Gurira), who made a cameo appearance in The Walking Dead finale, will also have their own spinoff set to launch in 2023. And while the main series’ concluding scene revealed that Rick is likely on the run from the CRM, the upcoming spinoff series will will be in charge of showing where their new stories will be set.

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