The video published by the unrecognized son of José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma” that shatters the artist’s reputation

After having a 50-year career José Luis Rodríguez, “The Puma“He has had to go through several controversies in his artistic career, one of them when it was said that he had a son that he never recognized. Let’s remember that the singer has two daughters from his first marriage Lila Morillo called Liliana Y Lilibeth Rodriguez Andiron. From his second marriage to the Cuban model Carolina Pérez, he has the youngest named Génesis Rodriguez.

They would be the only descendants that carry the blood of “The PumaJose Luis RodriguezAt least that’s how he confessed it. According to the source, on a new day a few years ago a controversy was revealed that would put the singer in a dead-end tunnel since he was accused of being unfair in recognizing his only son who calls himself El Puma junior.

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