The video game industry has become a competitor in the field of cryptocurrencies

In accordance with TechCrunch, publication Web focused on technology applied to business, the video game industry has positioned itself as a major competitor in the cryptocurrency market. In a press release published on its official website, it indicated, the products “crypto-gaming” they raised millionaire funds during the pandemic by Covid-19. Forte, solutions platform based on non-fungible crypto tokens (NFT) for video games, received a stimulus for 725 million dollars (md) in donations, in order to improve your online infrastructure.

The incursion of cryptocurrencies in the video game market has several applications, ranging from cloud until purchase of tokens and microtransactions within the apps. While the video game company Valve banned games with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency transactions on the purchase platform Steam, other participants have accepted these payment systems. Through its official count from Twitter the CEO of Epic games Tim sweeney commented, this video game platform will accept cryptocurrencies as long as the legal practices corresponding

In the opinion of the analysis medium about cryptocurrencies CoinDesk, blockchain technology will help drive microtransactions for video games in their foray into the metaverse. Microtransactions are payments embedded in applications or websites that allow you to add features or functions to the base games, often in the form of cosmetics for charactersadded. Along these lines, the possibility of turning the gaming ecosystem into a virtual social network is conjugated with the metaverse, digital product adopted by tech giants.

For its part, the technology analysis medium Engadget reported, the service cloud gaming (cloud game) is a business model and user experience with important participation during the new normal. This modality allows enter games and communicate with servers through an internet connection, which offers a range of options without the direct participation of the user at all times. Among the advantages of video games from the internet, the possibility of using modest hardware and affordable computers with low power consumption. Linus Media Group, a company specializing in technology analysis, reported that this way of playing is a economical and functional solution before the electronics shortage during the health crisis.

Due to the price volatility and unavailability in electronic, some sellers began to offer fake products, such as microchips and graphics cards (GPU). In that sense, a decentralized ecosystem with digital assets, especially cryptocurrencies and NFT, allows consumers to opt for alternatives where you can also market and start your own digital productsadded TechCrunch.


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