The USR will promptly apply the principle of “No fines in public office”

On Tuesday, the SDP asked the USR to expel Clotilde Armand from the party after the prosecutor’s office at the Bucharest 1 District Court announced that a criminal case had been opened against the mayor of District 1 for five acts of abuse of office in favor of some people, in an extended form.

“The criminal Clotilde Armand must go! USR can no longer make excuses defending the mayor of Sector 1.
The SDP asks the EGR to urgently apply the principle of “No punishment in public office” in the case of their party colleague Clotilde Armand! The user-mayor is currently a suspect in a criminal case in which she is being investigated for crimes related to conflict of interest and misappropriation of funds from the budget of the Sector 1 Mayor’s Office,” the PSD said in a press release.

Prosecutors note in the ruling that the suspect signed a clause under which he was appointed project manager for “improving local administrative capacity in relation to the development, implementation and promotion of anti-corruption measures”, and as a result of this action, he made material benefits consisting of income related to activities carried out as a project leader.

“From today, Clotilde Armand has officially become a “criminal in public office”, who, according to the principles that the ESR still vehemently refers to, should already have been expelled from the party and with a written resignation from the post of mayor! The two-faced attitude of the leadership of the USSR so far, with which it covers the criminals from the party, was annoyedly justified by the fact that criminal prosecution against them was not officially initiated. And all this despite the fact that the notifications submitted to the prosecutor’s office by state institutions contained strong indications of the commission of criminal acts. This approach demonstrated the double standards applied in the ESR: the principles of honesty that apply to representatives of other parties do not apply to their own party colleagues! USR has no more excuses from today! Keeping the criminal Clotilde Armand in the party means shameless defiance and betrayal of citizens who demanded respect for the criteria of honesty in the Romanian political class,” says the PSD.

The case was initiated on the basis of a notification from the National Integrity Agency, according to the prosecutor’s office at the 1st court.

Clotilde Armand clarified in a press release that she was informed of her status as a suspect.

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