The USJ wants future Medicine students to do internships in the new Quirón

The San Jorge University (USJ) aspires that the students of the future degree in Medicine do their internships at the new hospital being built by the Quirón Group in Saragossa. This is stated in the request sent to the Department of Science, University and Knowledge Society, in which the concert of this training is proposed for the 2027-2028 academic year. Thus begins a process that, on average, takes about two years.

After this first step, the ministry headed by Maru Díaz You have a month to confirm if the start-up of Medicine is in line with the Aragón university program. If approved, the USJ will have to prepare an initial document in which it will define the objectives, competencies, references and the study plan. Subsequently, it will go through different bodies and documents until final authorization is obtained.

With her sights set on this horizon, the rector Berta Sáez already recalled a few weeks ago that Since 2008, the campus has had agreements with health entities to carry out internships and which would be “ready to expand”. Currently, nursing students can be trained in hospitals such as Miguel Servet in Zaragoza, Viamed Montecanal or Quirón, as well as Cruces in Bilbao or Txagorritxu in Vitoria. In addition to several health centers in Zaragoza and other towns in the Community.

In the case of Medicine, the initial approach would go through arrange internships with the new Quirón Group hospital, whose first stone was laid last week with the aim of being operational by the first half of 2024. Dates that fit with the calendar handled by the USJ. According to the information sent to the DGA, he plans to start external internships in the 2027-2028 academic year.

All this approach must be specified progressively, since, as stated in the national regulations, all universities that are authorized to teach medicine must have at least one hospital and three primary care centers with which to arrange internships. Among the agreements, detailed in Royal Decree 1558/1986, private health institutions are included.

To reach this point, according to the order emanating from the aforementioned royal decree, the centers must meet a number of requirements such as having a physical infrastructure for the development of teaching and research, having differentiated accesses for emergencies, polyclinic activities and hospitalization or that there is a certain index of doctors for every 100 beds.

for now, the vocation of the new hospital center is to become a university, so it aspires to meet all the necessary requirements. In addition, it aims to be a benchmark in five major areas: oncology, women and child care, cardiovascular health, neuroscience, and orthopedic and trauma surgery.

Together with the intention of implementing the degree in Medicine, the San Valero Group, to which the USJ belongs, plans to build a new building on the Villanueva de Gállego campus. It will be the eighth after the School of Architecture and Technology that was inaugurated at the beginning of last year and, although the investment and the deadlines are still unknown, the request sent to the DGA proposes that the work last for 35 months.

Academic Offer

The USJ currently has an extensive academic offer, which will be expanded in future courses. Right now four degrees are in process: Criminology, Biomedical Engineering, Cybersecurity Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, who hope to implement the next course. In the master’s degrees, according to the Aragón degree map, work is being done on the implementation of two: Prosthetics and Orthotics and Specialized Professional Translation.

The private campus will also request for the next course the 10% expansion of Nursing, Physiotherapy, Biomedicine and Psychology positions; all of them highly demanded. In this way, 165 vacancies would be offered in each of the first two and 55 in the remaining ones.

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